VSA - The Issues

What is the Issue With VSA?

VSA does kill, from 2010 – 2012, there were 47 deaths in Scotland, it can be instant, but it remains in the users system for a number of days and can kill days after taking part.

Across the UK, there were nearly 2,400 deaths between 1971 and 2009, 327 of these were in Scotland.  There is no safe way of taking part, each method is just as dangerous as another.

The youngest person to die from VSA was only 7 years old, a young boy who lived in Cowdenbeath, he died from inhaling deodorant whilst his mum was downstairs.

The oldest person to die was 87, he died setting fire to himself and his house from inhaling cigarette refill lighter gas.

There is a huge list of stories and case studies of people who have died over the years, tragic deaths that have left thousands of people mourning.

VSA is a growing issue, with the number of deaths increasing each year in Scotland. (sources required)




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