Approaching Solvent Abuse

So, how do we approach the thorny issue of VSA?

Solvent abuse is a difficult and hidden issue, often overshadowed by the abuse of illegal drugs and other issues such as underage smoking. However, when we take into account the availability of solvent based products and the reported numbers of deaths from this activity, solvent and volatile substance abuse is an issue schools cannot afford to ignore. 

In 1998, the last year for which there are official figures, there were 70 deaths resulting from the deliberate inhalation of volatile chemicals.  This included the death of a nine year-old!

Teachers, parents and carers are at the forefront in giving young people the skills and information to make healthy and responsible decisions.

The most important and effective weapon in the war on VSA is education.








The SACKI logo was introduced in 1997 by the British Aerosols Manufacturing Association (BAMA) in order to highlight that inhaling aerosols and other gas products kills.

Unfortunately, it is not compulsory for the SACKI logo to be printed on products, therefore there are products which will kill, but don’t show the logo on.

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