Founder Member - John O`Brien

john O'Brien

John Started the Lost Organsitation after he found that his 16-year-old son had died from Solvent Abuse. John said "I was shocked that my own son and 2,000 other children have died from Solvents (Glue Sniffing) most people would have just walked away But I wanted to do something for all the mothers and fathers out there who lost their children".

John Campaigned in the Scottish parliament and had all the laws altered to stop shop/keepers selling gas to young people under 18 years old. Thirty two (32) Scottish councils in Scotland backed Johns Campagain to make it a success. This made Scottish History and would go on to save Future Generations all over Scotland. John met the Prime Minster and the British Government in London. John also took his Campagain to the European Parliament in Brussels. For His tireless Efforts John was given the Queens Award at a Ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London in 2003

John said "To meet the Queen was amazing (she said I had made a big Difference to the people of Scotland and the U.K)".

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