About Us

The Lee O’Brien Solvent Trust (L.O.S.T.) was formed following a tragic death in 2002, at the age of 16. On the 16th January 2002, Lee O’Brien (photo) died as a result of inhaling butane gas.

lobsmallLee’s family weren’t aware of the dangers and were devastated when this happened.  His father, John O’Brien, decided he didn’t want other parents to go through what he had to and started a campaign to get the Scottish Executive to put more attention towards volatile substance abuse and raising awareness of the dangers of this.

Following the campaign, the Scottish Executive introduced test purchasing for the sale of all volatile substances in Scotland, testing to ensure the Scottish Common Law that it is illegal to sell/supply any person of any age any quantity of products knowing that it is/will be used in a way other than its intended purpose.

On 20th February 2004, LOST was formally registered as a charity and been working since to raise awareness of the dangers and provide support for anyone affected by volatile substances.

This was done primarily in the Fife area, but in 2014, LOST launched a new national focus, giving all parts of Scotland attention, running national awareness campaigns and working with local communities over the country to combat the rising solvent abuse issue.

LOST provide a range of services which can be accessed in Scotland, including:

    • Educational Sessions
    • Awareness Sessions
    • Public Speaking
    • 1-2-1 Support
    • Friends & Family Mediation & Support

LOST also provide a number of training courses relating to volatile substance abuse and working in charities.  This training can also be used in other aspects of life, including work and home life.

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